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This section lists the most commonly asked questions about Akyman, our products and technologies.
If your querry is not answer satisfactorily by the answers below, please contact Akyman throught the Contact Us tab on this site.


What does Akyman do?
Akyman provides mobile merchants with the ability to authorise any electronic payment in any location. We are a mobile business' one stop shop for all their mobile payment needs, providing everything from assistance in establishing a merchant facility, to supplying the equipment plus financing, to providing support for as long as the Akyman merchant facility is active.

When was Akyman started?
Akyman was founded over 27 years ago in 1981 as a specialist banking software-house working with all the major Australian banks. By the late eighties Akyman had released it's first Eft-Pos terminal followed in 1994 by the first wirless Eft-Pos terminal and FEP secure transaction gateway.

Where can I get an Akyman Eft-Pos?
All Akyman products and services are available both directly from Akyman and through this secure website. Either complete your order safely online or contact Akyman to speak to a friendly assistant.

What's required to open an Akyman merchant facility?
To open an Akyman merchant facility an applicant must have 1) a registered business or company (ABN, ACN or Sole Trader); 2) A valid bank account; 3) Trading history of more than 6 months. We'll help you with the rest including estabishing your mechant facility, supplying your equipment and providing ongoing technical support. You can download the entire set of mPOS merchant application forms directly from this website by going to Support / Merchant Forms.

Is the Akyman mobile payment solution expensive?
NO. The Akyman mPOS is the most cost effective and affordable mobile payment solution available on the market. In addition, Akyman also offers the most flexible ownership options anywhere with outright purchase, finance and rental available to approved merchants.

How safe is the Akyman mPOS?
Our motto is: "If it says approved, You'll get paid." The mPOS exceeds the highest security requirements for mobile payment procesing and has recieved bank certification since it was first released in 1994. In addition, mobile network compliances were achieved for our GSM/GPRS payment device technologies. Banking certifications have also been achieved for the USA, EU and ASIA.

What is a greversalh
Recovery-reversal is a complex banking process, which ensures that you do not lose any money or double charge your clients when a financial transaction is not successfully completed. gReversalsh apply ONLY to financial transactions and are caused by time outs due to network being down before or after the financial transaction was sent, or due to acquiring bank being not available to receive, process or respond to your transaction, or due to printer failure to print receipts.
Once the cause has been eliminated, the terminal will automatically send the gReversalh to notify the acquiring bank, before a new financial transaction is processed or you initiate a Settlement. The result is the cancellation of the original (failed) transaction.



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