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Akyman's innovative solutions are specifically designed to address the unique requirements of key vertical markets including mobile financial processing, merchant services, financial and banking institutions, payment processors, distribution and logistics, secure data access, deliveries, small, medium and large retailers, government organizations, healthcare providers and taxis.

All Akyman customers need secure payment system solutions that address the constant changes in their industries from regulatory requirements and value-added applications, to security developments and new technologies.

Akyman offers a wide array of secure mobile payment solutions catering to an extensive range of different industries and market segments of varying sizes and we continually strive to increase the functionality of our system solutions to address the specific needs of these markets.

Akyman customers choose our solutions for their unmatched ruggedness, bulletproof functionality, ability to integrate into existing applications and legacy systems, easy-to-use user interface and modular system design. Our solutions include financial transaction security, remote data acess, secure data connectivity, banking and network compliance, all with the ability to execute a wide variety of payments plus non-payment applications on a single handheld wirless device.

You can explore our targeted payment solutions by navigating using the selctions on the left hand side of this page either by organization type or by market segment.

If you're looking for a non banking solution to compliment your lifestyle or address a specific business need, then check out our consumer solution for the answer.

Build you own solution with our customized solutions builder and put together the the system that's right for you. *Comming May 2007


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